Bridging Lanka

Bridging ethnic, religious and geographic divides through people-inspired action


Bridging Lanka connects expatriate and 'in country' Sri Lankans. It harnesses the expertise and resources of one for the benefit of the other - through livelihood support, business development, community advocacy, urban planning and social cohesion projects.

In Sri Lanka, we also build bridges between the centre, its administration and assets, and peripheral areas of the country. All our programs embed trans ethnic, religious and social interaction. Learn more…

Latest Campaigns

Are you Cricket Crazy?

Support young cricketers of Mannar District to improve their form by contributing toward a Cricket Bowling Machine. Sadly no suitable home ground currently exists.  A bowling machine will enable them to maintain their competitive edge.    Read more…

Kulam Rehabilitation

With local villagers we are creating a ‘demonstration’ kulam to show the broader community how their encroached and rubbish infested ponds can be transformed into beautiful and productive public spaces. Read more…

Cafe Refuge

Imagine a group of women busy preparing traditional Tamil food and fusion dishes in a busy modern café with groups of tourists and locals rubbing shoulders in downtown Adampan, Mannar District. Read more…

IT English & Leadership for Religious Leaders

What are the implications of the pace of global change on communities emerging from war? Without IT and English skills it becomes difficult for religious leaders to bridge the divide between ancient beliefs and modern life. Read more…

Santhipuram Children’s Playground

Santhipuram is a cohesive ‘can do’ community rising above its material poverty. Local children have nowhere to play AND the area floods annually. Our challenge - to create a play-scape that stimulates social interaction and learning even in wet weather. Read more…

Donkey Assisted Therapy (DAT)

Donkey assisted therapy (DAT)? Yes! Did you know this is one of the most effective of the animal therapies? It improves the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children, especially those with a disability. Read more…

Donkey Clinic & Community Education Centre

A great initiative that combines animal welfare and village development. After two long years, we have finally got building approval for our Donkey Clinic facility. Read more…

Beast of Burden

For more than six years, we have done without a vehicle. We’ve walked, taken a bus or hired a van. Our operation has expanded lots and a vehicle is now necessary for our many projects. Read more…

Sinking a Well for Wellbeing

Farmers in Sri Lanka’s north are facing their worst drought in 40 years! The ponds are dry and little cultivation is taking place. Deeper wells to sustain agricultural-based livelihoods for 10 widows and other vulnerable individuals are an urgent need. Read more…


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